Photos – Iran


  1. I accidentally found your weblog while searching for different stuff and really enjoyed watching your photos. As an Iranian who lives in Australia I sort of missed my country. You look so lovely just like all the British people I’ve met so far. If you intend to have a second trip to Iran, make sure you’ll visit Shiraz, known as the town of love, poetry and wine! Although you won’t be able to get the third one readily, it’s not hard to find one from some secret places! Cheers! :)

  2. Nice Photos , u r always welcome in iran , especially shiraz :-D

  3. Hi Christine and Pete

    I was searching about cycling in the world then I found your blog.
    I have been to 26 Asian, African and European countries by bicycle under theme: Let’s make a proper world for children. My wife was with me in 6 countries in EU.

    In Continue we are planning a biking tour to go to more than 30 countries in the world to collect donations for a MS cure.

    Hope to meet you some where on our route.

  4. Hello
    I’m Iranian and I live in Berlin. while searching for my german language course presentation about my homeland, I found your website. It’s really interesting. I’m happy you traveled to my country and you enjoyed it. I should confess that the picture of that women-only-party that Christine was invited to, made me laugh so hard. it’s really interesting for me how you guys managed to experience such things. I myself have never been in such parties. it seems truly traditional and I’m interested to know what they served. next time don’t forget to visit Shiraz and Isfahan and North of Iran if you haven’t. and tell me have you tried Persian Ice cream that has saffron and frozen cream and pistachio in it?

    • Hi Matin – thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like the website. In response to your questions – at the women-only party we had a lot of ‘osh’ (sp?) – a nice type of lentil soup that is apparently quite popular in the region, and lots of baklava type stuff. Haven’t tried the ice-cream that you mention, but we did try a very nice rose-flavoured ice cream. Much appreciated in the heat! We did make it to Isfahan, and to Yazd (we loved both of them, especially Isfahan), but unfortunately not to Shiraz – that will have to wait until the next visit!.

  5. hello
    First of all, i’m Sorry if I said my bad expression. I’m not fluent in English.
    I was very happy that you did travel to Iran without any fear that the rumors about Iran and Iranian people, expressed in European countries it seems.
    In Iran there are also places very beautiful examples that it can not see nowhere in the world.
    And I am very pleased that you liked is Iran.
    I am hoping that you are always happy.

    … _-* [ Thank You And Bye ] *-_ …

    • Ali

      We found Iran to be the most welcoming and friendly country on our trip, it was also packed with things to see, do and buy! We very much look forward to returning in the future. Before the trip we would never have thought of Iran as a holiday destination, simply because we did not know anything about the country, however now we would actively recommend it, we only wish that people in the UK could be as welcoming to foreigners. Thank you for making the effort to comment on our site.

      Best regards

      Pete & Christine

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