Posted by: londontosydneybybike | February 28, 2010

Four weeks to go!

Well, doesn’t time fly! This time in 4 weeks we will (hopefully) be in….Canterbury! I just hope the weather improves so we don’t have to cycle through the sort of rain we have had the last couple of days! Preparations are steaming ahead, although it still feels like we have a lot to do. Importantly, and thankfully, we found tenants for our house with no problem, in fact they were the first people to look round. I think Pete is particularly relieved about that as he was the one that ended up cleaning the house in preparation for the viewing (I was, most unfortunately, otherwise engaged at a spa day with a friend of mine. Excellent planning on my part I thought!)

Pete has also been busy attending an advanced bike maintenance course (with the same people that I did my basic course with), and we have had our bikes properly serviced so fingers and toes crossed nothing major should break for the next 10,000 miles or so! We have also been testing the camping equipment – a couple of weeks ago we spent the night camping in the garden (our neighbours must think we are mad). The tent was fine and we were perfectly warm and dry (it was cold and rainy outside) but we ended up giving in and heading inside at 4am because the b****y cats wouldn’t leave us alone – Gin in particular was most bemused at us sleeping in the garden and kept pawing at the canvas and miaowing, not good for sleeping! Hopefully we won’t have that problem when camping on the trip!

We have also been super-organized and booked our return flight from Australia, a bit odd to be thinking about the end of the trip already but good to get it done, particularly as it involved using up all of Pete’s airmiles which might otherwise have expired while we were away. So we will be back at 6am on 26th January 2011!

Just one more thing, we have managed to actually organize something for our leaving do – we have reserved an area of Henry’s Bar, Covent Garden, from 8pm onwards on Saturday 20th March. Please feel free to come along, it would be great to see as many of you as possible before we head off the following weekend.

Last but not least, please also consider sponsoring us. We have got off to a bit of a slow start on that front but are hoping to raise a decent amount of money before we go (and to increase it as we go), we need your help! It is also particularly relevant at present, what with the Haiti and Chile earthquakes so recently. Both Mary’s Meals and Medecins Sans Frontieres do great work in these areas – not just when disaster strikes but on an ongoing basis – so please help us support them. See the fundraising page for more details.


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