Posted by: londontosydneybybike | March 14, 2010

Meeting like-minded people and saying goodbye to the cats – 2 weeks to go!

Well as I keep saying time really is flying and this morning we have just said goodbye to our lovely little cats – gin and tonic – as they have been taken up to their new home for now, my sister Rachel’s house in Yorkshire. I know they will be well looked after and will have a great time but must admit I was rather sad to see them go! Thanks to Rachel and Chris though for volunteering to look after them for us 🙂

There’s been a few interesting things happen since I last posted. A highlight was cycle touring pub night in London organized by ‘professional adventurer’ Al Humphreys. I think everyone that went was expecting just 2 or 3 other people but in fact about 60 turned up! It really was great to meet so many other like-minded people and to discuss our plans, get tips etc etc. We were quite surprised to find out that we are not that unusual, there were lots of people there with similar or indeed more ambitiohus plans! In particular we met a guy called Dean who is doing a very similar route to us, even starting from south London, and only 3 days before us! So hopefully we should be able to meet up with some of these people en route.

Another highlight was the arrival of our custom cycling tops – check out the photos! All credit to the folks at who kindly agreed to sort us out with just a couple of jerseys at a very reasonable price, thanks guys!

And finally we are both very relieved that the weather appears to be a little less arctic and a little more spring-like at last, fingers crossed we have good weather for our departure!

Once again, our leaving-do is next Saturday night so do come along if you can…we will be wearing our new cycling tops so you won’t be able to miss us!



  1. You guys are going to have such an amazing experience I wish I was coming along too! Love your jersys so much I’ve just been on the site and ordered one too. Christine what clothing precautions are you going to make in for eg. Iran

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