Posted by: londontosydneybybike | March 27, 2010

About to head off

Well, tomorrow morning we will be loading up the panniers and leaving our house for the last time in almost a year. We always knew we would get to this stage but it still doesn’t seem real. I think it is fair to say we are both excited and a little apprehensive. I keep having thoughts along the lines of  ‘what if we can’t get up the first hill’ (which would be most embarrassing as we have people waving us off who will be watching us at that stage!) or ‘what if we don’t get as far as Canterbury (our first stop)’ etc. But I think it is fair to say there is no chickening out now so we will just have to do our best!

Last week was essentially one long leaving-do, culminating in a big night out last night to celebrate my last day of work. It was a great night but I had rather a sore head this morning. I can’t remember whether it was Carrie or Marcus who made me drink the sambuca shots but my head didn’t appreciate it this morning!

Today has been busy cleaning the house and packing up our stuff, we are now quite exhausted and headed for a big meal and an early night, tomorrow is going to be the first of many physically demanding days. Hopefully the posts will become a little more interesting once we are finally en-route!

Best wishes to all and keep the messages (and sponsorship please!) coming, it is very much appreciated!



  1. Loads of luck for your first day. I too am suffering big time today. And I take no responsablity for the shots! Enjoy your last night at home.

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