Posted by: londontosydneybybike | March 28, 2010

Day one!

Well, we made it to the canterbury, albeit feeling quite tired! The day started eventfully when we realised that pete had a puncture just before we were about to leave – bad luck or what! probably the result of over-zealous pumping on pete’s part last night. anyway, with that fixed we were sent on our way by our friends Sarah, Helen and Amanda who impressively came round at 8.30 having stayed up all night following a trip to the ministry of sound – they  weren’t looking too happy but sent us off in style anyway 🙂

we were lucky with the weather, a bit cloudy but no rain and even a tailwind for some of it! the main problem today was the distance – the route I had got from a cycling forum was supposed to be about 55 miles, but after an interesting unplanned diversion around faversham (the local council really needs to improve its cycle sign provision!) and an another long and interesting diversion courtesy of our gps, which we switched on after the faversham debacle (to be fair to the gps it is set up to avoid main roads, it just seems there aren’t many non-main roads around here, necessitating long deviations), we ended up cycling over 70 miles. And kent is hilly!

Needless to say we were very glad to reach the lovely kipps hostel in Canterbury, where the staff are very friendly, the facilities great and the beds comfy (pete is currently asleep!). we are planning on having a big dinner then an early night. tomorrow should be somewhat less taxing, with an 18 mile trip to dover (following the main road this time!), a ferry ride then 20 or so miles to St Omer where we plan to camp.

All in all it is great to be off, we have been planning this for so long, even when it was just an idea, it was fab to hit the open road this morning. Hope  everybody is well and looking forward to monday morning! 🙂



  1. Hope the start of your epic journey is going well.

    Take care.


    Mum and Dad

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling so confident that you take the scenic route to the ferry! Hope that you don’t get too soaked in the next few days – thank your lucky stars that you are not where we are as 10 -20 cms of snow is forecast in the next 24 hours Love Dad and Mum

  3. Hi Christine and Pete, I hope you have always wind on your backside and mostly all ways are downhill.
    For the next thousand miles I hope you will meet friendly people and if not, that you are very fast on your bikes.
    All the best
    and in case of trouble your parents and probable I too can help you or get you back.
    Klaus and Kerstin

  4. Great to hear you made it off safely…..looking forward to your updates and seeing where you are…will follow you on my atlas..!

    Take care and have fun

    S xx

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