Posted by: londontosydneybybike | July 24, 2010


Just a quick post to apologize for not having posted anything for a while. We are in Iran and are having a wonderful time as well as loads of great experiences to write about. However we have been advised by a few people here that it would be best to wait until we are out of the country until posting, just in case we write something that the authorities don’t like. So watch this space for several posts at once just as soon as we get a reliable internet connection in Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan in 2-3 weeks.

In the meantime we have put all of our photos up to date so you can have a look at those.



  1. Guys, I am Nima’s sister (Iranian who you met in Turkey/ Agri)…..He gave me your blog address.
    It’s wonderful to read your stories and looking at your pics. Glad you liked your first experience in Iran.

    Be Safe & Keep cycling! I will follow your posts….

    Sima (from Dubai)

  2. Have a nice time there.

  3. wow the photos of Iran are amazing – each one is a story in itself and so interesting to see photos of a country that is so mysterious to outsiders. Looks like you have connected with the people there more than anywhere else so far?! Those icecreams are insane, I’d go to Iran just for one of those. What is with the microphone (and the xmas-like decorations?!)? More press, or Iranian karaoke? Glad you are all safe and making fantastic progress, hx

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