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***A post-trip note: we arrived back to the UK on 22nd Feb 2011, and have moved up to Scotland. While Pete has gone  back into the industry he was working in before, Christine is having a go at running her own business, offering professional editing of scientific and medical documents. We are busy trying to drum up business so if you or anybody else you know publishes scientific/medical documents please pass on our web address:!***


If you would like to contact us, please feel free to send a message via this website, or send an email to:

christine underscore powell at yahoo dot com



  1. Hey!
    I want to thank you for the information on the visa. It is clear and gives us courage. In two weeks we have to apply for the same one’s.
    Did it finally work out to get the GBAO permit in Dushanbe?
    And do you know if it is possible to cross to China via Tadjikistan or we have to get up to Kirgizystan?

    Thanks a lot and good luck!

    • Hi!

      Yes it was fine for us to gt the GBAO permit in Dushanbe, although we had organised it beforehand through StanTours – all we did in Dushanbe was pick it up. We know people that just organised the whole thing when they were in Dushanbe, I believe it took 3-4 days to do that (they did it through the people at Adventurer’s Inn, which is a great place to stay – definitely the best in Dushanbe).

      When we were there it was only possible for locals (ie Tajiks or Chinese) to cross from Tajikistan to China – everyone else has to go the long way round via kyrgyzstan. But, I know that is due to change, the border will at some point in the future be open to all – but I have no idea if this has happened already. probably not. the guys at adventurers inn should be able to tell you.

      Good luck with it all and feel free to get in touch if you have more questions!!


  2. Hi, I’ve arranges 5 cycle tours from Attock city to Kaghan valley (10500f), Lahore, Wahga Border, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Now I am interested to arrange 3 cycle tours this year. First from Islamabad to Shandoor Pass (The highest polo ground on earth 12500ft) by the end of June. 2nd from Islamabad to Dehli (India) and 3rd from Islamabad to London by the end of this year at very very low cast. Plz inform your friends/Clubs and if interested, plz contact for more details. Thanks. Tarik Faraz, Chairman Shagory Tourists, cycling and hiking club registered, Attock city-43600, Pakistan. 0322 & 0313 – 572 60 71

  3. Hey!

    Your blog is great! I can’t believe some of the places you have both visited. Some of it sounds very hard, but I’m sure they are experiences that will stay with you forever. Good luck in China, I hope you enjoy it, Jodie x

    PS – it was so strange running into you on facebook whilst I was sat at my desk in Uxbridge!

  4. hellooooooooooo,where are you?

  5. hello for my dear friends,irealy missedyou every day i look at your picture and movie i hope the best for you i kiss you from far say hello to dean too goodluck.much

  6. Hi you both,
    I hope all is doing well and you can leave every trouble away from you.
    You will meet nice and kind people and others should be far away .
    You are now near Iran or already inside. While I was a student our best friend came from Teheran and is now living in LA. I have nice remembers at that time.
    Many greeting from Kerstin and my children Neels and Leevke.
    Yours Klaus

  7. Good luck.

  8. hey chris & pete and p’s- hope your ride to vienna was as good as mine- i camped in krems, what a nice place, got up early and arrived in vienna just as a little local shower let go- i’m heading across the river from the mellinium tower about 8km to stay with my host, eric- let me know if you guys would like to meet up to continue down the river- take care, matt skype- ‘matthewpcard’

  9. Good luck mate

    All the luck in the world


  10. Great site and looking forward to following your great adventure!

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