***A post-trip note: we arrived back to the UK on 22nd Feb 2011, and have moved up to Scotland. While Pete has gone  back into the industry he was working in before, Christine is having a go at running her own business, offering professional editing of scientific and medical documents. We are busy trying to drum up business so if you or anybody else you know publishes scientific/medical documents please pass on our web address:!***

Here are some of the books that we have consulted to help us plan our trip.

  • ‘Cycling Home From Siberia’, Rob Lilwall (the man’s a nutter!)
  • Books by Anne Mustoe
  • ‘Himalaya by bike’, Laura Stone
  • ‘Adventure cycle touring handbook’, Stephen Lord

Other general resources that we have consulted:

  • Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum, invaluable
  • Stantours have been helpful in working out visa requirements in Central Asia

Here are details of the paper maps we will be taking with us (in addition to our GPS). They were all bought from Stanfords in Covent Garden (courtesy of my parents, thanks!):

  • Turkey Rough Guide Map, 1:1,100,000
  • Armenia and Azerbaijan, International Travel Maps, 1:650,000
  • Central Asia, Gizi Map, 1:1,750,000
  • India, Insight Travel Map, 1:1,500,000
  • Vietnam Sud, Reise Know-How, 1:600000 (note we used this map when we went to Vietnam before and it is not entirely accurate! However it seems to be the best and most comprehensive road map available).
  • Europe and other SE Asia maps have yet to be bought.

Here are some websites of other crazy people doing similar trips to ours (we aren’t the only crazy people out there!):

And if you are in search of inspiration on a wider range of adventures, Al Humphrey’s video collection is a great way to kill a rainy hour or so:



  1. If you’re looking for general travel books of interest then I’d recommend things by Colin Thubron. His “Lost Heart of Asia” is brilliant account of exploring the ‘stans in the 90s – sounds like an amazing part of the world.

  2. check out this blog its great – someone who did it in the opposite direction (but pls avoid a heat exhaustion hospital stop-off downunder…! see sept 08 entry)

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